Amharic Quran

አል-ጂን ፣ (የጋኔን ምዕራፍ)

(ሙሐመድ ሆይ!) በል፦ እነሆ ከጂን የሆኑ ጭፍሮች (ቁርአንን) አዳመጡ፤ እኛ አስደናቂ የሆነን ቁርአን ሰማንም አሉ፣ ማለት ወደኔ ተወረደ።

Say, [O Muhammad], "It has been revealed to me that a group of the jinn listened and said, 'Indeed, we have heard an amazing Qur'an

ወደ ቀጥታ መንገድ የሚመራን፣ (ቁርአን ሰማን)፤ በርሱም አመንን፤ በጌታችንም አንድንም አናጋራም።

It guides to the right course, and we have believed in it. And we will never associate with our Lord anyone.

እነሆም የጌታችን ክብር ላቀ፤ ሚስትንም ልጅንም አልያዘም።

And [it teaches] that exalted is the nobleness of our Lord; He has not taken a wife or a son

እነሆም ቂላችን በአላህ ላይ ወሰን ያለፈን (ውሸት) ይናገር ነበር።

And that our foolish one has been saying about Allah an excessive transgression.

እኛም ጋኔኖች በአላህ ላይ ውሸትን (ቃል) አይናገሩም ማለትን ጠረጠርን።

And we had thought that mankind and the jinn would never speak about Allah a lie

እነሆም ከሰዎች የሆኑ ወንዶች በጋኔን ወንዶች ይጠበቁ ነበሩ፤ ኩራትንም ጨመሩዋቸው።

And there were men from mankind who sought refuge in men from the jinn, so they [only] increased them in burden.

እነሱም አላህ አንድንም አይቀሰቅስም ማለትን፣ እንደጠረጠራችሁ ጠረጠሩ።

And they had thought, as you thought, that Allah would never send anyone [as a messenger].

እኛም ሰማይን (ለመድረስ) ፈለግን፤ ብርቱ ጠባቂዎችንና ችቦዎችንም ተሞልታ አገኘናት።

And we have sought [to reach] the heaven but found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames.

እኛም ከርሷ (ወሬን) ለማዳመጥ በመቀመጫዎች አንቀመጥ ነበርን፤ አሁን ግን የሚያዳምጥ ሰው ለርሱ ተጠባባቂ ችቦን ያገኛል።

And we used to sit therein in positions for hearing, but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him.

እኛም በምድር ውስጥ ባልሉ ሰዎች ክፉ ተሽቷል? ወይስ በነሱ ጌታቸው ደግን ነገር ሽቷል? ማለትን አናውቅም።

And we do not know [therefore] whether evil is intended for those on earth or whether their Lord intends for them a right course.

እኛም ከኛ ውስጥ ደጎች አሉ፣ እኛም ከዚህ ሌላ የሆኑ አሉ፤ የተለያዩ መንገዶች (ባለቤቶች) ነበርን።

And among us are the righteous, and among us are [others] not so; we were [of] divided ways.

እኛም አላህን በምድር ውስጥ ፈጽሞ የማናቅተው፣ ሸሽተንም ፈጽሞ የማናመልጠው መኾናችንን አረጋገጥን።

And we have become certain that we will never cause failure to Allah upon earth, nor can we escape Him by flight.

እኛም መሪውን በሰማን ጊዜ በርሱ አመንን። በጌታውም የሚያምን ሰው መግጎደልንም መጭጨመርንም አይፈራም።

And when we heard the guidance, we believed in it. And whoever believes in his Lord will not fear deprivation or burden.

እኛም ከኛ ውስጥ ሙስሊሞች አልሉ፤ ከኛም ውስጥ በዳዮች አልሉ፤ የሰለምሙ ሰዎች፣ እነዚያ ቅንን መንገድ መረጡ።

And among us are Muslims [in submission to Allah ], and among us are the unjust. And whoever has become Muslim - those have sought out the right course.

በዳዮቹማ ለገሀነም ማገዶ ሆኑ።

But as for the unjust, they will be, for Hell, firewood.'

እነሆም በመንገዲቱ ላይ ቀጥ ባሉ ኖሮ ብዙ ዝናምን ባጠጣናቸው ነበር፣ (ማለትም ተወረደልኝ)።

And [ Allah revealed] that if they had remained straight on the way, We would have given them abundant provision

በርሱ ልንሞክራቸው፣ (ባጠጣናቸው ነበር)፤ ከጌታውም ማስታወሻ የሚያፈገፍግ ሰው አስቸጋሪን ቅጣት ያገባዋል።

So We might test them therein. And whoever turns away from the remembrance of his Lord He will put into arduous punishment.

እነሆ መስጊዶችም የአላህ ብቻ ናቸው፣ (በውስጣቸው) ከአላህ ጋር አንድንም አትገዙ፣ (ማለትም)።

And [He revealed] that the masjids are for Allah , so do not invoke with Allah anyone.

እነሆም የአላህ ባሪያ (ሙሐመድ አላህን) የሚጠራው ሆኖ በተነሳ ጊዜ፣ (ጋኔኖች) በርሱ ላይ ድርብርቦች ሊሆኑ ቀረቡ፣ (ማለትም)።

And that when the Servant of Allah stood up supplicating Him, they almost became about him a compacted mass."

እኔ የምግገዛው ጌታየን ብቻ ነው፤ በርሱም አንድንም አላጋራም በል።

Say, [O Muhammad], "I only invoke my Lord and do not associate with Him anyone."

እኔ ለናንተ ጉዳትንም ቀጥታንም አልችልም በላቸው።

Say, "Indeed, I do not possess for you [the power of] harm or right direction."

እኔ ከአላህ (ቅጣት) አንድም አያድነኝም፤ ከርሱም ሌላ መጠጊያን አላገኝም በላቸው።

Say, "Indeed, there will never protect me from Allah anyone [if I should disobey], nor will I find in other than Him a refuge.

ከአላህ የሆነ ማድረስን መልእክቶቹንም በስተቀር፣ (አልችልም)፤ አላህንና መልክተኛውንም የሚያምጥ ሰው፣ ለርሱ የገሀነም እሳት አልለው፤ በውስጧ ዘላለም ዘውታሪዎች ሲሆኑ።

But [I have for you] only notification from Allah , and His messages." And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger - then indeed, for him is the fire of Hell; they will abide therein forever.

የሚያስፈራሩበትንም ባዩ ጊዜ ረዳቱ ደካማ ቁጥሩም አነስተኛ የሆነው ማን እንደሆነ በእርግጥ ያውቃሉ።

[The disbelievers continue] until, when they see that which they are promised, then they will know who is weaker in helpers and less in number

የምትስፈራሩበት ነገር ቅርብ፣ ወይም ጌታየ ለርሱ የተወሰነ ጊዜን የሚያደርግለት (ሩቅ)፣ መሆኑን አላውቅም በላቸው።

Say, "I do not know if what you are promised is near or if my Lord will grant for it a [long] period."

(እርሱ) ሩቁን ሚስጢር ዐዋቂ ነው፣ በሚስጢሩ ላይ አንድንም አያሳውቅም።

[He is] Knower of the unseen, and He does not disclose His [knowledge of the] unseen to anyone

ከመልክተኛ ለወደደው ቢሆን እንጅ (ለሌላ አይገልጽም)፤ እርሱም ከስተፊቱም ከስተኋላውም ጠባቂዎችን ያደርግለታል።

Except whom He has approved of messengers, and indeed, He sends before each messenger and behind him observers

እነሱ ዘንድ ባለው ነገር ዕውቀቱ የከበበና ነገሩንም ሁሉ በቁጥር ያጠቃለለ ሲሆን፣ የጌታቸውን መልክቶች ያደረሱ መሆናቸውን ያውቅ ዘንድ (ጠባቂ ያደርጋል)።

That he may know that they have conveyed the messages of their Lord; and He has encompassed whatever is with them and has enumerated all things in number.

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