Amharic Quran

ሱረቱ አል-አሕቃፍ (የአሸዋዎች ምዕራፍ)

ሐ. መ. (ሐ ሚም) ::

Ha, Meem.

የመጽሐፉ መውረድ አሸናፊ ጥበበኛ ከሆነው አላህ ነው ::

The revelation of the Book is from Allah , the Exalted in Might, the Wise

ሰማያትንና ምድርን በመካከላቸው ያለውንም ሁሉ ነምርና የተወሰነ ጊዜንም በመለካት እጅን(ለቀልድ) አልፈጠርናቸውም:: እነዚያ የካዱትም ከተስፈራሩት ነገር (ትተው) ዘዋሪዎች ናቸው::

We did not create the heavens and earth and what is between them except in truth and [for] a specified term. But those who disbelieve, from that of which they are warned, are turning away.

ከአላህ ሌላ የምትገዟቸውን አያችሁን? ከምድር ምንን እንደ ፈጠሩ አሳዩኝ ወይም በሰማያት ለነሱ (ከአላህ ጋር) መጋራት አላቸውን? (ያማልዱናል በማለታቸሁ) እውነተኞች እንደ ሆናችሁ ከዚህ (ቁርአን) በፊት የሆነ መጽሐፍ ወይም ከዕውቀት የሆነ ቅርስን አምጡልኝ በላቸው::

Say, [O Muhammad], "Have you considered that which you invoke besides Allah ? Show me what they have created of the earth; or did they have partnership in [creation of] the heavens? Bring me a scripture [revealed] before this or a [remaining] trace of knowledge, if you should be truthful."

እስከ ትንሣኤ ቀን ድረስም ለርሱ የማይመልስለት (ጣዖት) ከአላህ ሌላ ከሚጠራ ሰው ይበልጥ የተሳሳተ ማነው? እነርሱም ከጥሪያቸው ዘንጊዎች ናቸው::

And who is more astray than he who invokes besides Allah those who will not respond to him until the Day of Resurrection, and they, of their invocation, are unaware.

ሰዎችም በተሰበሰቡ ጊዜ (ጣዖቶቹ) ለነርሱ ጠላቶች ይሆናሉ (እነሱን) መገዛታቸውንም ከሐዲዎች ይሆናሉ ::

And when the people are gathered [that Day], they [who were invoked] will be enemies to them, and they will be deniers of their worship.

በንሱም ላይ አንቀጾቻችን ግልጾች ሆነው በተነበቡ ጊዜ እነዚያ እውነቱን በመጣላቸው ጊዜ የካዱት ይህ ግልጽ ድግምት ነው አሉ ::

And when Our verses are recited to them as clear evidences, those who disbelieve say of the truth when it has come to them, "This is obvious magic."

ይልቁንም ቀጠፈው ይላሉን? ብቀጥፈው ለኔ ከአላህ (ቅጣት ለማዳን) ምንንም አትችሉም እርሱ ያንን በርሱ የምትቀባጅሩበትን ዐዋቂ ነው፤ በኔና በናንተ መካከል መስካሪ በርሱ በቃ :: እርሱም መሐሪው አዛኙ ነው በላቸው ::

Or do they say, "He has invented it?" Say, "If I have invented it, you will not possess for me [the power of protection] from Allah at all. He is most knowing of that in which you are involved. Sufficient is He as Witness between me and you, and He is the Forgiving the Merciful."

ከመልክተኞች ብጤ የሌለኝ አይደለሁም በኔም በናንተም ምን እንደሚሠራም አላውቅም ወደኔ የሚወረደውን እጅግ ሌላን አልከተልም እኔም ግልጽ አስፈራሪ እንጅ ሌላ አይደለሁም በላቸው ::

Say, "I am not something original among the messengers, nor do I know what will be done with me or with you. I only follow that which is revealed to me, and I am not but a clear warner."

(ሙሐመድ ሆይ፦) በላቸው ፦ እስቲ ንገሩኝ (ቁርአኑ) ከአላህ ዘንድ ቢሆን በርሱም ብትክዱ ከእሥራኤል ልጆችም መስካሪ በብጤው (በርሱ) ላይ ቢመሰክር ቢያምንም (ከእምነት) ብትኮሩም (በዳይ አትሆኑምን?) አላህ በእርግጥ በደለኞቹን ሕዝቦች አያቀናም

Say, "Have you considered: if the Qur'an was from Allah , and you disbelieved in it while a witness from the Children of Israel has testified to something similar and believed while you were arrogant... ?" Indeed, Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.

እነዚያም የካዱት ሰዎች ስለነዚያ ስለ አመኑት ሰዎች (እምነቱ) መልካም ነገር በሆነ ኖሮ ወደርሱ ባልቀደሙን ነበር አሉ በርሱም ባልተምሩ ጊዜ ይህ (ቁርአን) ጥንታዊ ቅጥፈት ነው ይላሉ

And those who disbelieve say of those who believe, "If it had [truly] been good, they would not have preceded us to it." And when they are not guided by it, they will say, "This is an ancient falsehood."

ከበፊቱም የሙሳ መጽሐፍ መሪና ጸጋ ሲሆን አለ ይህም እነዚያን የበደሉትን ሊያስፈራራ በዐረብኛ ቋንቋ ሲሆን (የፊቶቹን መጻሕፍት) አረጋጋጭ መጽሐፍ ነው ለበጎ አድራጊዎችም ብስራት ነው

And before it was the scripture of Moses to lead and as a mercy. And this is a confirming Book in an Arabic tongue to warn those who have wronged and as good tidings to the doers of good.

እነዚያ_ ጌታችን አላህ ነው ያሉ ከዚያም ቀጥ ያሉ በነርሱ ላይ ፍርሃት የለባቸውም እነርሱም አያዝኑም

Indeed, those who have said, "Our Lord is Allah ," and then remained on a right course - there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve.

እነዚያ የገነት ጓዶች ናቸው በርሷ ውስጥ ዘውታሪዎች ስሆኑ በዚያ ይሠሩት በነበሩት ምክንያት ታላቅን ምንዳ (ይመነዳሉ)

Those are the companions of Paradise, abiding eternally therein as reward for what they used to do.

ሰውንም በወላጆቹ በጎ መዋልን በጥብቅ አዘዝነው እናቱ በችግር ላይ ሆና አረገዘችው በችግርም ወለደችው፥ እርግዝናውና ከጡት መለያውም ሠላሳ ወር ነው ጥርንካሬውንም ወቅት በደረሰ ጊዜ (ከዚያ አልፎ) አርባ ዓመትንም በደረሰ ጊዜ ጌታዬ ሆይ ያችን በኔ ላይና በወላጆቼ ላይ የለገስካትን ጸጋህን እንዳመሰግን የምትወደውንም መልካም ሥራ እንድሠራ ምራኝ ዘሮቼንም ለኔ አብጅልኝ እኔ ወዳንተ ተመለስኩ እኔም ከሙስሊሞች ነኝ አለ::

And We have enjoined upon man, to his parents, good treatment. His mother carried him with hardship and gave birth to him with hardship, and his gestation and weaning [period] is thirty months. [He grows] until, when he reaches maturity and reaches [the age of] forty years, he says, "My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to work righteousness of which You will approve and make righteous for me my offspring. Indeed, I have repented to You, and indeed, I am of the Muslims."

እነዚህ (ይህንን ባዮች) በገነት ጓዶች ውስጥ ሲሆኑ እነዚያ ከሠሩት ሥራ መልካሙን ከነሱ የምንቀበላቸውና ከኀጢአቶቻቸውም የምናልፋቸው ናቸው ያንን ተስፋ ይስሰጡት የነበሩትን እውነተኛ ቀጠሮ (እንሞላላቸዋለን)

Those are the ones from whom We will accept the best of what they did and overlook their misdeeds, [their being] among the companions of Paradise. [That is] the promise of truth which they had been promised.

ያንንም ለወላጆቹ ፎህ ለናንተ ከኔ በፊት የክፍል ዘመናት ሰዎች (ሳይወጡ) በእርግጥ ያለፉ ሲሆኑ (ከመቃብር) እንድወጥጣ ታስፈራሩኛላችሁን? ያለውን ሁለቱም (ወላጆቹ) አላህን የሚለምኑ ሲሆኑ (ባታምን) ወዮልህ እመን የአላህ ቀጠሮ እርግጠኛ ነው (ሲሉት) ይህ የፊተኞቹ ሰዎች ጽሁፍ ተረቶች እጅግ ሌላ አይደለም የሚለውንም ሰው (አስታውስ)

But one who says to his parents, "Uff to you; do you promise me that I will be brought forth [from the earth] when generations before me have already passed on [into oblivion]?" while they call to Allah for help [and to their son], "Woe to you! Believe! Indeed, the promise of Allah is truth." But he says, "This is not but legends of the former people" -

እነዚህ እነዚያ ከጋኔንም ከሰውም ከነሱ በፊት ካለፉት ሕዝቦች ጋር ቃሉ በነሱ ላይ የተረጋገጠባቸው ናቸው፥ እነርሱ ካሳሪዎች ነበሩና

Those are the ones upon whom the word has come into effect, [who will be] among nations which had passed on before them of jinn and men. Indeed, they [all] were losers.

ለሁሉም ከሠሩት ሥራ ደረጃዎች አሏቸው ሥራዎቻቸውንም ይሞላላቸው ዘንድ (ይህንን መነዳቸው) እነርሱም አይበደሉም።

And for all there are degrees [of reward and punishment] for what they have done, and [it is] so that He may fully compensate them for their deeds, and they will not be wronged.

እነዚያም የካዱት በእሳት ላይ በሚጋፈጡ ቀም ጣፋጮቻችሁን በአነስተኛይቱ ሕይወታችሁ አሳልፋችሁ በርሷም ተጣቀማችሁ ስለዚህ በምድር ላይ ያለ አግባብ ትኮሩ በነበራችሁትና ታምጡ በነበራችሁት ዛሬ የውርደትን ቅጣት ትመነዳላችሁ (ይባላል)።

And the Day those who disbelieved are exposed to the Fire [it will be said], "You exhausted your pleasures during your worldly life and enjoyed them, so this Day you will be awarded the punishment of [extreme] humiliation because you were arrogant upon the earth without right and because you were defiantly disobedient."

የዓድንም ወንድም (ሁድን) ሕዝቦቹን በአሕቃፍ(፩) ባስጠነቀቀ ጊዜ አውሳላቸው በስተፊቱና በስተኋላውም ብዙ አስፈራሪዎች በእርግጥ አልፈዋል ከአላህ በስተቀር አትገዙ እኔ በናንተ ላይ የከባድ ቀንን ቅጣት እፈራላችኋለሁና በማለት (ባስጠነቀቀ ጊዜ)።

And mention, [O Muhammad], the brother of 'Aad, when he warned his people in the [region of] al-Ahqaf - and warners had already passed on before him and after him - [saying], "Do not worship except Allah . Indeed, I fear for you the punishment of a terrible day."

ከአማልክቶቻችን ልታዞረን መጣህብን? ከውነተኞቹም እንደሆንክ የምትዝትብንን (ቅጣት) አምጣው አሉ።

They said, "Have you come to delude us away from our gods? Then bring us what you promise us, if you should be of the truthful."

ዕውቀቱ (፪) አላህ ዘንድ ብቻ ነው፥ ያንን በርሱ የተላክሁበትንም አደርስላችኋለሁ ግን እኔ የምትሳሳቱ ሕዝቦች ሆናችሁ አያችኋለሁ አላቸው

He said, "Knowledge [of its time] is only with Allah , and I convey to you that with which I was sent; but I see you [to be] a people behaving ignorantly."

ሸለቆዎቻቸውን ተቅጣጪ አግዳሚ ደመና ሆኖ ባዩትም ጊዜ ይህ አዝናቢያችን የሆነ ደመና ነው አሉ (ሁድም) አይደለም እርሱ ያ በርሱ የተቻኮላችሁበት መዐት ነው በውስጧ አሳማሚ ስቃይ ያለባት ነፋስ ናት

And when they saw it as a cloud approaching their valleys, they said, "This is a cloud bringing us rain!" Rather, it is that for which you were impatient: a wind, within it a painful punishment

በጌታዋ ትእዛዝ አንዳቹን ሁሉ ታጠፋለች (አላቸው) ከመኖሪያዎቻቸውም በስተቀር ምንም የማይታዩ ሆኑ፥ እንደዚሁ አመጠኞችን ሕዝቦች ሁሉ እንቀጣለን

Destroying everything by command of its Lord. And they became so that nothing was seen [of them] except their dwellings. Thus do We recompense the criminal people.

በዚያም እናንተ በርሱ ባላስመቸንበት (ድሎት) በእርግጥ አስመቸናቸው ለነርሱም መስሚያንና ማያዎችን ልቦችንም አደርግንላቸው ግን መስሚያቸውና ማያዎቻቸው ልቦቻቸውም ከነሱ ምንም አልጠቀሟቸውም በአላህ አንቀጾች ይክዱ ነበሩና በነርሱም ላይ ያ በርሱ ይሳልቁበት የነበሩት ቅጣት ወረደባቸው

And We had certainly established them in such as We have not established you, and We made for them hearing and vision and hearts. But their hearing and vision and hearts availed them not from anything [of the punishment] when they were [continually] rejecting the signs of Allah ; and they were enveloped by what they used to ridicule.

ከከተሞችም እነዚያን በአካባቢያችሁ የነበሩትን በእርግጥ አጠፋን (ከክሕደታቸው)ይመለሱም ዘንድ አስረጂዎችን መላለስን

And We have already destroyed what surrounds you of [those] cities, and We have diversified the signs [or verses] that perhaps they might return [from disbelief].

እነዚያም መቃረቢያ ይሆኑ ዘንድ ከአላህ ሌላ አማልክት አድርገው የያዙውቸው አይሩዷቸውም ኖሯልን? በእርግጥ ከነሱ ራቁ ይህም ውሸታቸውና (በልማድ) ይቀጥፉት የነበሩት ነው

Then why did those they took besides Allah as deities by which to approach [Him] not aid them? But they had strayed from them. And that was their falsehood and what they were inventing.

ከጋኔን የሆኑን ጭፍሮች ቁርአንን የሚያዳምጡ ሲሆኑ ወዳንተ ባዞርን ዚዜም (አስታውስ) በተጣዱትም ጊዜ ዝም ብላችሁ አዳምጡ ተባባሉ በተጨረሰም ጊዜ አስጠንቃቂዎች ሆነው ወደ ሕዝቦቻቸው ተመለሱ።

And [mention, O Muhammad], when We directed to you a few of the jinn, listening to the Qur'an. And when they attended it, they said, "Listen quietly." And when it was concluded, they went back to their people as warners.

አሉም ፦ ሕዝቦቻችን ሆይ፤ እኛ ከሙሳ በኋላ የተወረደን መጽሐፍ በፊቱ ያለውን (መጽሐፍ) የሚያረጋግጥ ወደ እውነትና ወደ ቀጥተኛ መንገድ የሚመራ የኾነን ሰማን

They said, "O our people, indeed we have heard a [recited] Book revealed after Moses confirming what was before it which guides to the truth and to a straight path.

ወገኖቻችን ሆይ የአላህን ጠሪ ተቀበሉ በርሱም እመኑ (አላህ) ከኅጢአቶቻችሁ ለናንተ ይምራልና ከአሳማሚ ቅጣትም ያድናችኋልና

O our people, respond to the Messenger of Allah and believe in him; Allah will forgive for you your sins and protect you from a painful punishment.

የአላህንም ጠሪ የማይቀበል ሰው በምድር ውስጥ የሚያመልጥ አይደለም ከርሱም ሌላ ለርሱ ረዳቶች የሉትም እነዚያ በግልጽ ስሕተት ውስጥ ናቸው (አሉ)

But he who does not respond to the Caller of Allah will not cause failure [to Him] upon earth, and he will not have besides Him any protectors. Those are in manifest error."

ያ ሰማያትንና ምድርን የፈጠረ እነርሱም በመፍጠሩ ያልደከመው አላህ ሙታንን ሕያው በማድረግ ላይ ቻይ መሆኑን አላስተዋሉምን? (በማስነሳት) ቻይ ነው እነርሱ በነገሩ ሁሉ ላይ ቻይ ነውና

Do they not see that Allah , who created the heavens and earth and did not fail in their creation, is able to give life to the dead? Yes. Indeed, He is over all things competent.

እነዚያም የካዱት ሰዎች በእሳት ላይ በሚቀርቡ ቀን ይህ እውነት አይደለምን? (ይባላሉ) እውነት ነው በጌታችን ይሁንብን ይላሉ (አላህም) ትክዱ በነበራችሁት ምክንያት ቅጣቱን ቅመሱ ይላቸዋል

And the Day those who disbelieved are exposed to the Fire [it will be said], "Is this not the truth?" They will say, "Yes, by our Lord." He will say, "Then taste the punishment because you used to disbelieve."

ከመልክተኞችም የቆራጥነት ባለቤቶች የሆኑት እንደ ታገሡ ሁሉ ታገሥ ለነርሱም (ለሕዝቦች ህ ቅጣት) አትቻኮል ያንን የሚስፈራሩበትን ቅጣት በሚያዩ ቀን እነሱ ከቀን አንዲትን ሰዓት እንጅ እንዳልቆዩ ይሆናሉ (ይህ ቁርአን) በቂ ግሣጼ ነው አመጠኞችም ሕዝቦች እንጅ (ሌሎች) ይጥጠፋሉን?

So be patient, [O Muhammad], as were those of determination among the messengers and do not be impatient for them. It will be - on the Day they see that which they are promised - as though they had not remained [in the world] except an hour of a day. [This is] notification. And will [any] be destroyed except the defiantly disobedient people?

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